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Gabion walls

2019-12-9 14:59:59  308
Gabion walls – function, application, advantage. Gabion walls are a benefit for the landscape.

Gabion walls – function, application, advantage

Gabion type structures protected the bank river, civil engineers have extensively used gabions for stabilization of banks, coasts, highways and erosion control of slopes. 

Gabion walls are a benefit for the landscape. It is used for thosands of years as a gravity type retaining structure and makes a attractive, efficient and cheap wall system.

Gabion walls are executed mainly in the purpose of soil stabilization behind the wall, but it can also be executed as a cover wall. The wall si made from gabion baskets that are stacked in one or more rows, depending on the height of the wall. Baskets have a cage shape and are closed on all sides. They are made from a galvanized hexagonal meshes and brocken rock that are placed in the baskets. Retaining structures are formed by stacking gabion baskets in a proper schedule and present an alternative solution for concrete structures in the area of soil stabilization.


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