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Carbon Steel Bar Grating

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Carbon steel bar grating is a great choice when your project requires a strong material that won’t b...

Carbon Steel Bar Grating is a great choice when your project requires a strong material that won’t be exposed to an expressly corrosive environment. Bar grating is ideal for industrial steel grating flooring and metal grates. We offers plain or serrated bar grating surfaces in galvanized, bare steel, or painted finishes.

Welded bar grating is the most common type of bar grating. Welded steel grating is joined at the intersection of the bearing bars and cross bars. Welded bar grating is a versatile option for light to moderate loads. When heavy loads are present, the Heavy Duty metal grating is the best option. The Heavy Duty steel grating can be appropriate for highways, airport runways, bridge floors and wheel traffic applications.

Another bar grating application includes drainage grates, which are an integral part of the interior of industrial plants, and the exterior landscape all around us. Also known as bar grating trench grating, these grates permit the passage of light, heat, and liquid, and therefore are useful in screening out unwanted elements and debris in various settings. Bar grating can be fabricated to fit the following applications:

Driveway drains
Storm water drains
Trench drains
Floor drains

Steel grates are also functional for industrial decks and flooring in chemical plants, food processing facilities, and oil and gas refineries. Metal grates are ideal for these applications, since they allow liquid to pass through the material, which helps to prevent slippery and hazardous work conditions. In addition, pedestrians rely on metal grates in public walkways, and near fountains and trees.

Carbon Steel Bar GratingCarbon Steel Bar Grating

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